Our Origin & History

When Chandrika went on a hunt for preschools for her daughter, her mind began to form picture of an ideal preschool. Unable to find one that fit her mental image, she decided to take matters into her own hands and bring her vision to life. The way she pictured it, a good preschool would be one which would be able to lay a strong foundation for the children and ensure a good future for them. But more importantly, for a little child, the preschool should feel like a second home to them; familiar, safe,comforting and fun. Thus the child would be able to truly express him or herself and grow into their true potential.

With this clear vision firmly established in her mind, she began to hunt for a brand to partner with. She found the quality of curriculum and support she was looking for in Little Millennium’s offering. Once she set up the preschool, she found it difficult to find suitable teachers who were skilled and passionate enough to deliver what she was looking for. She spent a lot of time and focus on teacher selection, recruitment, motivation and training as she knew getting the right set of teacher with right values was critical.

Step into the partnership with your full heart and soul. It definitely is not a part-time job, it is your baby and you have to work on it every day and enjoy it too.

Chandrika Bharath
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