Cuddles Curriculum

Tested and innovative at the same time

Cuddles has developed its own curriculum building on the existing best practices as well as Chandrika’s own experience as a mother and teacher for several years.

Cuddles believes that children learn better through a “learning by doing” method and has developed several games and activities which are ingenious and not available in any other school. The Cuddles books are a labour of love by its founders and a unique part of the Cuddles experience. Unlike standardized books by bulk publishers, Cuddles books are refreshing and work towards energizing the children’s creativity and independently exploring what is as yet unknown.

An eclectic approach to pre school education enables comprehensive development through interactive and “learning by doing” methods. Stimulating, energizing and exploratory curriculum.

Cuddles accepts responsibility of the fact that a child’s brain grows exponentially during the age of 2-10 years and that Cuddles has a serious role to play in the same.

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