Crafting Bright Futures: Our Preschool Curriculum

Learning Through Play: At Cuddles Preschool and Day-care Centre, we firmly believe in the power of play as a fundamental tool for children’s learning and development. Our curriculum is centred around play-based learning, where children engage in activities that are fun, meaningful, and aligned with their interests and developmental stages. Through play, children naturally explore, experiment, and make sense of the world around them, while simultaneously developing essential skills such as problem-solving, creativity, communication, and socialization. Children engage in various types of play, including imaginative play, constructive play(building and creating), socio-dramatic play (role-playing), and exploratory play. Through these activities, children develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills naturally and enjoyably.

Integrated Approach: We take an integrated approach to learning, recognising that children’s development is interconnected across various domains. Our curriculum incorporates elements of early literacy, numeracy, science, social studies, art, music, and physical education to provide a well-rounded learning experience. By integrating different subject areas and learning modalities, we foster holistic development and cater to the diverse interests and strengths of each child.

Well-Designed Work Books: Cuddles Preschool provides Well-designed quality preschool books for literacy, numeracy and science. Cuddles books are designed with colourful illustrations, interactive elements, and hands-on activities to engage preschoolers and facilitate their learning.

Continuous Assessment and Reflection: We believe in the importance of continuous assessment and reflection to inform our teaching practices and support children’s learning progress. Our teachers regularly observe and document children’s interests, skills, and milestones, using this information to plan meaningful learning experiences and provide targeted support when needed. We also value feedback from families and incorporate their insights into our curriculum planning process.

These learning methods create a dynamic and enriching environment where children feel motivated, engaged, and empowered to explore, learn, and grow to their fullest potential at Cuddles Preschool and Daycare Centre.

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